Heart Matters

A faith-based, research-informed, practical approach to spiritual wellbeing

Offers information and support for incorporating seven spiritual practices that research shows help us stay buoyant and act more effectively even in stressful times.

A Practical Approach to Spiritual Wellbeing

Heart Matters is an eight-session course teaching one powerful method for deepening spiritual resilience. We combine traditional Christian spiritual practices with new discoveries in neuroscience and positive psychology. This approach reaches across theological differences to respond to the spiritual hunger we all hold in common. Research demonstrates these habits enhance our wellbeing and our ability to live authentically in challenging times.

In the Heart Matters course you'll learn:

  • What spiritual resilience looks like
  • About spiritual emotions like gratitude, hope, compassion and joy
  • Practical spiritual habits you can develop to enhance those emotions in your life
  • How to incorporate contemporary brain science into your understanding and practice
  • A language that helps build a broader community

You'll receive:

  • Video lectures
  • Audio guided meditations
  • Cheat sheets to help you focus and remember
  • Recommendations on resources for further learning

Change is hard when we try to go it alone. Signing up solo is awesome. Going through this material with a buddy or a group is even better. Either way, I hope to see you soon.


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